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Work address: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen, Thormøhlensgate 53B, 5020 Bergen



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Career breaks: Altogether 2.5 years of parental leave for children born in 9/2009, 5/2011, and 11/2012

Academic degrees and evaluations       

2014 Professorial level researcher competence (1183), Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Norway.

2014 Title of Docent in Evolutionary Ecology, University of Helsinki.
[Docent: a person who has comprehensive knowledge of her/his own field, a capacity for independent research demonstrated through publications, and good teaching skills;]

2005 PhD, Faculty of Biosciences, Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki.

2000 MSc, Faculty of Science, Dept. of Ecology and Systematics, University of Helsinki.

Positions held after receiving PhD

08/2018-> Associate Professor in Fisheries Science, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen (UiB), Norway
3/2014- 07/2018 Head of the Research and Advice Program for the Norwegian Sea, Institute of Marine Research (IMR), Bergen, Norway
04/2010-02/2014 Researcher, IMR, Bergen (scientist 2010-2011, senior scientist 2011-2014)
12/2007-03/2010 Postdoctoral fellow, UiB
04/2007- 11/2007 Research fellow, IMR/ UiB
04/2006-03/2007 Postdoctoral fellow, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria
07/2005-03/2006  Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki

Scientific/academic duties

External PhD examiner at the University of Lund, Sweden, in 2009 and in 2013 (examination board member), Universitat d’Alacant, Spain, 2019 (main opponent), DTU-Aqua, Denmark, 2019 (main opponent), Univ. Glasgow, UK, 2019 (main opponent).

Member of the Norwegian Advisory Committee for Research on Marine Resources (2015-2018).

Member of numerous ICES working groups since 2007.

Guest editor of the special issue Toward Darwinian fisheries management in Evolutionary Applications 2009, 2(3): 245 – 455.

Convener for the symposia: 1) “Evolving Fish, Changing Fisheries” AFS annual meeting, 2008, Canada; 2) “Recruitment dynamics in a changing environment: integrating spatial and temporal variability into stock assessment and management strategies” ICES Annual Science Conference, 2017, USA.

External referee for research proposals for NSF (USA), The Royal Society (UK), Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden), NWO (the Netherlands), The Fram Centre (Norway), H.C. Ørsted Programme cofunded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (DTU, Denmark), FCT (national funding agency for science, Portugal).

Reviewer regularly for over 20 different journals, for recent reviewing activity see

Academic leadership

Group leader of the Sustainable Fisheries Group.

Scientific Director of the Bergen Summer Research School 2021.

Leader of the Sustainability Education Collective [Bærekraftskollegiet] at UiB 2020->.

Head of the Research and Advice Program for the Norwegian Sea, IMR (3/20147/2018).
Strategic planning, implementation and follow-up of >40 projects, total annual budget € 18 mill. National responsibility for scientific management advice for fish stocks with first-hand annual sales value of ca € 550 mill.

Vice Chair of the Young Academy of Norway (2016-2017). Membership (2015-2019) based on application and interview, leadership elected among members.

Project leader and PI for Research Council of Norway projects ConEvolHer (2015-2018) and EcoNorSe (2015-2018), see also under.

IMR project leader for EU project MYFISH (Maximising yield of fisheries while balancing ecosystem, economic and social concerns: FP7-KBBE-2011-5), 2012-2014.

Chair for the following groups under the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES):

  • Working group on widely distributed stocks (WGWIDE; assessing and providing quota advice on commercially highly important stocks like mackerel, herring, blue whiting), 2014-2016.
  • Benchmark Workshop on Pelagic Stocks (WKPELA 2018)
  • Workshop on the determination of reference points for NSS Herring (WKNSSHREF 2018)
  • Workshop on long term management plan (LTMP) for NEA mackerel (WKMACLTMP 2014).
  • Workshop on LTMP on Norwegian spring-spawning herring (WKBWNSSH 2013).

Leadership training

20152016: Leadership development program for young leaders (Yngre Ledere) by the Administrative Research Institute (AFF) at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Bergen. 5 work weeks and intersessional work.

International mobility

2008: University of California Santa Cruz, USA. Visiting Prof. Marc Mangel. 3 months.

2006-2007: Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria. Postdoc with Prof. Ulf Dieckmann. 12 months.

1999: Imperial College London, UK. Visiting Prof. Kai Lorenzen. 5 months.

Teaching duties and higher education studies

2021: Scientific director of the Bergen Summer Research School.

2019-> Member of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (TeLEd) research group.

2019-> Designing and leading the course SDG214 (UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life below water).

2019-> Cruise leader of the 9-day teaching cruise on BIO325, and redesign of the ocean-going cruise module.

2019: Pedagogy courses Collegial Teaching and Learning in Biology Education (5 ECTS) and How to Design and Teach Blended Courses (5 ECTS).

2018: Lecturing on courses BIO102 (Organismal biology); BIO325 (Ocean Science; including 8-day survey).

2016: Invited lecturer in Bergen Summer Research School on ‘The ocean, climate and society’.
Title: Combined effects of harvesting and climate change on fish populations.

2015: Invited lecturer in Hjort Summer School (Bergen) on ‘Fishing and physics as drivers of marine ecosystem dynamics’. Title: Fisheries management in theory and practice ‐ ecosystem-based?

2015: Visiting lecturer in BIO339 (Ecosystem and Fisheries Assessment Models), Department of Biology, UiB.20142018: Visiting lecturer organizing a practical, introductory ‘fish lab’ and lecturing on fisheries management for first-year students in BIO100 (Introduction to Evolution and Ecology). In Norwegian.

2011: Invited lecturer in Winter school on eco-evolutionary modelling of speciation (Sweden).
Title: Individual-based eco-evolutionary models.

2011-2018: Sensor in oral and written exams for the Department of Biology at UiB. BIO339: Ecosystem and Fisheries Assessment Models, BIO331: Fisheries Management, MNF115: Natural Science Perspective on Sustainable Development, BIO213: Marine Ecology. In Norwegian and in English.

2009: Teaching assistant in Ecology (BIO201) at the Department of Biology, UiB. In Norwegian.

2005: University pedagogy 1 (10 ECTS), University of Helsinki.

2005: Main lecturer in population ecology and responsibility for the computer exercises in “From individuals to Ecosystems” 7 ECTS credits at University of Helsinki, for second year biology students.

2002-2003: Lecturing and leading computer labs in the course “Managing populations” on population modelling at the Department of Ecology and Systematics, University of Helsinki.


Postdoc: Nikos Nikolioudakis (IMR), main supervisor. 10/2015-2018.
Fabian Zimmermann (IMR), main supervisor. 11/2015-2018.
PhD: Maria Skartsæterhagen (IMR), co-supervisor. 8/2020->
Jessica Tengvall (UiB), main supervisor. 5/2019->
Henrik Høiberg Jessen (UiB), main supervisor. 5/2019->
Marion Claireaux (IMR), main supervisor. 8/2015-1/2020.
Ingrid Wathne (UiB), co-supervisor. To be finished in 2020.
MSc: William Aure Aannø (UiB), main supervisor 2020.
Patricia Koch (UiB), main supervisor 2020.
Ine Moksness (UiB), co-supervisor 2019.
Marion Claireaux (University of Brest, France), main supervisor, 2015.
Johanna Myrseth (UiB), co-supervisor, 2008.



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